Real Estate Investment Planning

Personalized Financial Insight and Guidance

We know the intricacies of real estate investment planning like the back of our hand. We create comprehensive financial plans that are tailored to the exact needs and goals of real estate investors. From business plans to entity structures to long-term financial plans, we will provide financial insight and guidance every step of the way on your journey to prosperity.

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Smart Financial Planning Solutions for Real Estate Investors

RVPII Consulting specializes in providing personalized financial guidance specifically for real estate investors. We develop strategic real estate investment planning solutions that always have our clients’ best interests in mind.

Real Estate Investment Planning Services for you

Types of Financial Services Available to You

Our financial consultants will help you incorporate your real estate holdings into your broader financial plan. We have access to real estate investment opportunities, which can benefit any sector of national real estate, including triple net leases, offices, retail, and medical.

1031 Exchange Consulting

  • Introductions to a qualified intermediary, if need be
  • Guidance strategies to complete a successful 1031 exchange
  • Introduction to appropriate tax professionals
  • Assistance with identification rules:
    • 3 Property Rule
    • 200 Percent Rule
    • 95 Percent Rule
Real estate investment planning guidance for you
Comprehensive real estate investment planning services

1031 Exchange Replacement Property

  • Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST)
  • Tenant-in-Common (TIC)
  • 721-Up-REIT
  • Custom private real estate investments

Durable Income and Growth Opportunity Strategies

  • Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Daily Net Asset Value Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Preferred Note Programs
  • Real estate developmental opportunities
  • Income Producing Real Estate Backed Securities
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Real estate investment planning protects your assets

Asset Protection

  • Entity ownership and business structure consulting
  • Review of insurance coverages and recommendations to power partners
  • Real estate life insurance strategies:
    • Loan protection life insurance
    • Key-person insurance
    • Buy/sell life insurance agreements
    • Cash value borrowing strategies
    • Estate protection to protect assets from liquidation

At RVPII Consulting, we work together with real estate investors to provide them with a more profitable future. Learn more about our real estate investment planning services.

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